Yes, there’s a very high chance this program will make you happier, as long as you actively do the practices.

You can contact us at: lifeofemerald@gmail.com. We’ll run through the options that would work best for your team.

The 30 Day Happiness program gives you the tools to build a rich and rewarding life.

The program itself is not specifically designed as a treatment for depression, anxiety or other clinical disorders, but the principles and tools of the program can be used very successfully in conjunction with therapy. 

The program can certainly help you with that. You’ll discover plenty of useful tools and techniques for clarifying what you makes you feel happy in life.  Get in touch with your passion and joy.

We’ve created this course with an age 18+ audience in mind. Teenagers could certainly do it and benefit from it.  

The program takes 15 minutes each day for both watching the video and doing the daily self-care activity. Total of 1 hour and 45 minutes each week.  There are 4 of 30-40 minutes videos of experts sharing their wisdom.  This is of course optional.