Contentment is…

Contentment is…

In the early morning of March 30, 2020, Sophie got an international call.  ‘Hello’ ‘Hello may I speak with Mrs. Sophie?’ ‘It is her speaking’ ‘Mrs. Sophie, I’m Dr. Marie calling from Stanford hospital.  I’m sorry to inform you that your husband Mr. Tom is in the emergency room.  He has caught covid and is […]

Eye of the storm

Eye of the storm

Hi world, Emerald here reporting on the nature of change Change is inevitable in lifeas long as we are breathing, change is the only constant thing in lifehands down, no doubt, absolutely Though… there is something constant in life. Isn’t love constant? Defining the meaning of love is another can of worm Right,Somehow I feel […]

The Girl I Saw In Winters

The Girl I Saw In Winters

Those winters were chilling. The roads were calm and numb. Absolute silences were monopolizing the environment. Lupin, an introvert teenager was getting ready for school. Unaware of any welcoming transitions, he has been repeating the same routine for years. To his surprise, some strange sentiment surrounded him but he could sense the positivity of the […]

Challenges of Being Progressive

Challenges of being progressive I am a progressive individual born in a conservative family in an economically and socially backward regions of India. I am a part of a family shackled in the strong iron pieces to an old school thought process. I never came to knew why I am different from them. Though I […]

Life is just a play

Hi world, Emerald is here to present an ultimatum for you who is serious about life. In a world full of a myriad of experiences, entertain the idea that once you were a child so you are always a child. Forget the adult-ing. Why so serious may I ask? 😉 Once upon a time, I seriously suppress […]

Society Is Lying To Us

Hi world, Emerald here reporting her insights from her dream today. I often get insights from dream and today the message is that society is lying to us humans. What’s next? Action steps Dolphin says, ‘Eradicate ignorance, pull the rug of lies out from below the standing ground’ Emerald says,‘Pull the rug out from the […]

Ancient mother, I hear you

hang in there mother, we are making changes to the world. hang in there mother, you have been so graceful to us thank you hang in there mother, we are here to support your health and wellbeing hang in there mother, you are more beautiful than how humans treat you, I’m sorry mother hang in […]

Architecture of Your Soul

Hi world, Do you ever wonder the effect of architecture in your behavior? Let me take you on a journey.Sally is a woman from Kenya. She grew up on a farm with horses and goats, she lives in a hut. For the first 30 years of her life, she is content raining the horses and […]

Simple Living

Hello everyoneWhat does it mean to live a simple life? What does simplicity mean for you?Shall we explore it together today– Do you are feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed? You ought to wonder is there better things than feeling stress like this. When you’re inquiring you’re already aware of your need— the need for simplicity  […]