Hi world,

Emerald here reporting on the nature of change

Change is inevitable in life
as long as we are breathing, change is the only constant thing in life
hands down, no doubt, absolutely

Though… there is something constant in life. Isn’t love constant? Defining the meaning of love is another can of worm

Somehow I feel like I’ve resisted change for a big chunk of my life
honestly looking behind, the times I’ve resisted change has been the most challenging of times

For example,
Moving to America, I thought I was at the top of the food chain in so far as a level of privilege I grew up with.  Honey, I was wrong. So I resisted and resented the different reality.

This didn’t get me anywhere but inside
Digging deep inside myself
I found solace and faith in the changing nature of life

I learn humility
I learn surrender
I learn the power of choice
I learn compassion
I learn appreciation

Ahead of time, I am to accept the nature of change in this life
When alive, Change is the prerequisite course 101
Nature is constantly changing, so we are constantly evolving
Believe it or not
Accept it or not

One of the strategies I’ve adopted is to stay center in the eye of the storm. The eye of the storm is staying calm amidst all the chaos beyond your control. In the scorching storm, the only ally capable of protection is to enter into the eye of the storm.

The eye of the storm is the quiet space inside of my body, a space of boundary-less-ness

a space of non-physical

a space of objectivity

a space of all-pervasive

a space of nothingness

Beauty is a quiet space

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