Those winters were chilling. The roads were calm and numb. Absolute silences were monopolizing the environment. Lupin, an introvert teenager was getting ready for school. Unaware of any welcoming transitions, he has been repeating the same routine for years. To his surprise, some strange sentiment surrounded him but he could sense the positivity of the moment. Still sleeping while walking, he made it to school.

It was a regular prayer session early in the morning. Lupin wanted to feel good about the moment, he tried enough but couldn’t help the numbness. Unexpectedly, he was surprised to hear the unique voice of a girl. Curiosity made him open his eyes to see who was she. A new beautiful face on the stage, Lupin saw.

Though new it seemed but he felt as if he is familiar with face since ages. Suddenly, a teacher spotted Lupins open eye during the prayer and shouted him in a loud dominating voice. The prayer was disturbed and Lupin was punished in front of a thousand students. He was deeply embarrassed. The prayer was over and the new girl chuckled looking at Lupin. The bond was struck instantly. Lupin’s embarrassment was soon replaced with a unique feeling that he never experienced before. Yea, it was love at first sight.

He enquired more about the girl. Law of attraction unexpectedly became a reality. Wherever he goes, he is encountering the same face. A rope of unsaid utterances was binding them together. Days and months passed but Lupin couldn’t gather strength to speak to her. Being scared he couldn’t share this feeling with anyone. Universal conspiracies do happen and the upcoming announcement of house captain was probably the roadmap for two souls to coincide.

Lupin was appointed captain of one of the houses of school and the unknown girl was also sorted in the same house. This was an indication for shy Lupin to go ahead. Every time he tried, he could just reach the door of her class. Unfortunately, he couldn’t dare speak to her. The girl, out of sheer innocence of teenage, started liking this cute act of Lupin. Her heart started beating faster every moment anybody mentions Lupins name. A surge of beautiful silence and love dominates her whenever Lupin, one of the legendary students, is around. Moments are difficult to uphold. Tired and frustrated, finally the girl herself approached Lupin for participating in the contest. Lupin was unaware how to react & was way too far delighted. He instantly recorded her name and told her the plan for rehearsal till the event. That’s exactly what they were waiting for. The chemistry has started and the reaction was fast-paced with the common house as a catalyst. She won the competition and they won each other’s trust. It was a victory of unsaid love between them. They found reasons to see each other either in prayer or library or in those silly science labs. They never proposed each other and the girl was probably procrastinating.

Eight months down the line, Lupin’s father told him that they have to leave the city in seven days. He was awestruck. Everything has just started and he did not even confess his love to the girl. The first time he felt the heaviness in the heart and the period where its hard to sleep. In those times, the mode of communication was not advanced. He sobbed the entire night.

But he knows that the end of his story is here as of now. He agreed to agree with fate.

Next day he went to school with swollen eyes. The girl asked her the reason and he told the truth. The reaction of the girl was the same what Lupin went through last night. She couldn’t face this change. She doesn’t want to. Lupin was busy in his school exit formalities. It was the eleventh hour when she finally came and ask Lupin when would they meet again. He had no answer. They were young and had no idea about life. Silence prevailed for a longer duration. She asked if Lupin had something to say. To which he replied, ” Stay happy and Blessed”. Both were hurt, both were sad and both did not want to leave each other but fate has decided their path. Lupin moved out of the city with watery eyes and she remained there. They never spoke after but the feelings remained fresh forever.

The best part was the innocent connection they shared. It was eternal. It was a connection with no demands and compromises. It was pure, pious and still rejuvenate Lupin whenever he thinks about “The girl”. He still awaits the moment to repeat itself when he first saw her in chilling winter during the prayer. A sheer thought of ” The Girl” strikes a smile on his face even today.

One relationship helps him to smile even in the darkest hour. We have so many around us. Why worry? Let’s nurture them and stay happy in life.

Guest writer,
Shashi Kant Sharma 

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