Hi world,

Emerald here reporting her insights from her dream today.

I often get insights from dream and today the message is that society is lying to us humans.

What’s next?

Action steps

Dolphin says,

‘Eradicate ignorance, pull the rug of lies out from below the standing ground’

Emerald says,
‘Pull the rug out from the ground we stand, how?’

Dolphin says,
‘w/ arts and truth’

Emerald says,

Dolphin says,
‘Yes sure’

Emerald says,
‘I’m feeling deep fear to do this work’

Dolphin says,
‘Sure I understand’

Emerald says,
‘Face the fear and do it anyway?’

Dolphin and Emerald locking eyes,
‘Let’s do it!’

Beauty is feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Beauty is the ability to say yes to life

Beauty is the here-this moment.

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