Hi world,

Emerald is here to present an ultimatum for you who is serious about life. In a world full of a myriad of experiences, entertain the idea that once you were a child so you are always a child. Forget the adult-ing. Why so serious may I ask? 😉

Once upon a time, I seriously suppress playfulness to gain career status. The serious & responsible teacher knew well how to convey information to humans, yet distance connecting on mundane level empathy. 

2020 is a new year for all of us. Peekaboo into the childlike quality in you at work, at home, at school, etc. The child enjoys let loose. She/he feels nurture and joyful. The child is always within you. Could you play with her/him once in a while? The world is waiting for you to unleash the child at heart because children know how to enjoy simple things in life. Life is simple really. Simple as a lollipop. 

Behind the fear of what I must be, there hides a hope. Of reality, I can create what I truly desire unabashed. 

Joyful childlike quality brings an energy of renewal. Energy recognizable as youthful and pure. Ultimatum 2020 —-> dare to enjoy life like a child, fascinated by the world so majestic. 


Beauty is your inner child hiding behind the adult peekabooing for opportunity unabashed
Beauty is a joyful child holding lollipop dancing with joy it tastes so exquisite
Beauty is the simple joy of being you unadulterated.

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