Life is just a play

Hi world, Emerald is here to present an ultimatum for you who is serious about life. In a world full of a myriad of experiences, entertain the idea that once you were a child so you are always a child. Forget the adult-ing. Why so serious may I ask? 😉 Once upon a time, I seriously suppress […]

Society Is Lying To Us

Hi world, Emerald here reporting her insights from her dream today. I often get insights from dream and today the message is that society is lying to us humans. What’s next? Action steps Dolphin says, ‘Eradicate ignorance, pull the rug of lies out from below the standing ground’ Emerald says,‘Pull the rug out from the […]

Ancient mother, I hear you

hang in there mother, we are making changes to the world. hang in there mother, you have been so graceful to us thank you hang in there mother, we are here to support your health and wellbeing hang in there mother, you are more beautiful than how humans treat you, I’m sorry mother hang in […]

Architecture of Your Soul

Hi world, Do you ever wonder the effect of architecture in your behavior? Let me take you on a journey.Sally is a woman from Kenya. She grew up on a farm with horses and goats, she lives in a hut. For the first 30 years of her life, she is content raining the horses and […]