Hello everyone
What does it mean to live a simple life? What does simplicity mean for you?
Shall we explore it together today–

Do you are feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed? You ought to wonder is there better things than feeling stress like this.

When you’re inquiring you’re already aware of your need— the need for simplicity 

A simple life can come at the expense of losing much.  For example, life has had mysterious ways of giving me lots and taking lots — flowing with the ebbs and flows of life it’s forced one to look within.  Now I get it, that all things are temporary, that things come and go.  So what’s important… I wondered for a while.   And here is the answer.

The gift of things being temporary including our life is that there is beauty in each moment you and I are alive.  The key is in learning to look at each moment with presence awareness and gratitude for what is.   It’s a matter of shifting the perspective and learning to appreciate all things as is.  2020 is a year we’ll remember for many years to come.  I believe all things are lessons for us to use and evolve.  The challenging events in our lives are unique gifts and only time can help you learn the value of tough days— believe me, I’ve been through some rough patches 🙂

Today, you are reading this bcos most likely you are feeling the need to find inner peace.  Well, let me ask you to write down in your notebook, what does it mean to live a simple life?  What is my ideal living situation and lifestyle?  Imagination is the beginning of practical manifestation — I hope you create a beautiful ideal life today written on paper first and getting what you desire in your hearts in the future. 

Have fun w/ the activity

Beauty is in the doing

Beauty is willing to change

Beauty is openness to minimum

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