Hi world,

Someone asks, ‘what is the best thing that happens to you during the world crashing down w/ chaos in 2020?’

I say, ‘what I want has always been with me all along.’

One day, I woke up from a dream of illusion. The illusion of chasing often after things I want outside of myself. Be it education, friends, clothes, love, and joy, etc. Have I been wasting my time chasing after the things that only gave me temporary satisfaction in life? Yes and no.

Going down the yes path, yes. I wasted life energy focusing on what’s outside of my inner stillness immensely powerful to create the imaginations I hold in my mind for my life.

Going down the no path, no. I wasted no life energy because the chasing journey drew a circle back to my soul. With rich life experiences for collection.

Today, I am truly happy in my body, mind, and soul. Here and there, pain throbs by life situations do ask me to take a time out. With gentle self-compassion, I apply healing tools to heal my soul.

Now, who is going to hurt me now? Only the healers who provoke the pain still reside inside, they are my teachers of wisdom. Pain healers. I shall respect the difficult humans.

Flip the paradigm. When I decided to change the way I see my life 180 degrees, I began healing at a rapid speed. Life happened for me. For my favorable outcome. Life did not happy to me. To get me, no. Life has a purpose incomprehensible in the moment of pain. Everything is a gift. Even the world chaos, believe it or not, is a blessing.

Beauty is flipping the paradigm for your benefit

Beauty is realizing the life happens for you, on behalf of you.

Beauty is a global pandemic waiting to shape-shift a new world for long long-term benefits for the entire humanity.

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