The 30 DHP
4-Week Online Program

Are you fed up with how you feel about life?

> Are you feeling frustrated about your current life situation?
> Do you want to improve drastically how you feel about yourself?  You’ll feel happier in 30 days.  You’ll feel instantly calm after 15 minute of daily activities.  You’ll discover simple ways to take care of yourself anywhere on earth.  We encourage
> Feel happy alone and spend quality family time together
> Cope skillfully during Covid19 lockdown at home

Creator of the 30 Day Happiness Program | Kate Lee, CEO

Have experience training corporate executives, lawyers, and engineers, k-12 grade, immigrant mothers, college graduates, special need students, etc.


The 30 Day Happiness 

Over 21 + years of life experience healing 

Open for sponsorships 
We support SDG #3, Good Health and Wellness.  We help corporate workers reduce stress by providing strategies on how to take care of mind, body, and soul health with world-class leaders.

Selfcare Global Hashtag Movement

2020 has been rough for many of us, do you agree?

How did you cope with this historical year?

We are here to empower you by spreading the message, ‘It’s okay to be not okay’.

Let’s take advantage of this historical threat and turn the ‘lemons into a lemonade’ together!

One key way we do this is to take care of ourselves.

We welcome 2021 with an upgraded level of self-confidence. Bring it on world! 

How it works

Designed as an 4-week course, it takes 15 minutes per day of practice time.

Who’s it for?

Anyone and everyone who wants to stop struggling alone and build genuine happiness.

Why sign up?

To stop struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings and find genuine inner and outer happiness.


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What Is The Meaning Of Happiness? Learn In 10 Minutes